Allah is the curer
Allah is the curer
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 Yasser Barakat

Professional Profile

Associate Hijama Practitioner

One of Prophetic Medicine’s most successful graduates with a background in Islamic studies and a profound interest in healing through the Quran and Sunnah. With over 5 years of experience as a Hijama Practitioner, Yasser Barakat has been accumulating knowledge of Hijama Therapy through his studies at Prophetic Medicine and through teaching Hijama at his own institution in North London.

Yasser Barakat has an immense understanding of Hijama and his constant pursuit of knowledge makes him an excellent Hijama Practitioner and a proud member of Prophetic Medicine.


Contact : 07915501007

We specialise in the treatment of ruqyah therapy.  Our organisation is a organisation regulating ruqyah and hijama practioners in Britian and Ireland.  We specialise in the field of hijama and ruqyah therapy.