Allah is the curer
Allah is the curer
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Muhammad Amin Khan
Associate Hijama Practitioner
An outstanding and experienced Hijama therapist that received his training and distinguished
certification from HPMI. Muhammad Amin Khan has over 4 years of experience in healing
through the practice of Hijama according to the Sunnah of prophet Mohammad (SAW).
Muhammad is one of the few Hijama Practitioners based in the region of Hazara in Pakistan. His
knowledge and experience make him one of the best Hijama practitioners in his area of
Contact: Abu Abdullah Dar-Ul-Hijama
 House No 31, Near Noorani Masjid,
 Pakhral Chowk, Sector No 2,
 Khalabat Township Haripur
 Hazara, Khyber
 Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
 Mob No: +923459630180
 WhatsApp: +923338339655

We specialise in the treatment of ruqyah therapy.  Our organisation is a organisation regulating ruqyah and hijama practioners in Britian and Ireland.  We specialise in the field of hijama and ruqyah therapy.