Allah is the curer
Allah is the curer
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Nabil Salah Alddin
Associate Hijama Practitioner

A remarkable Hijama therapist with an extensive knowledge of healing through Hijama and
Ruqyah. Nabil Salah Alddin has a background in Physiotherapy, with over 22 years of experience
in the field, his knowledge of the Hadith and Sunnah of prophet Mohammad (SAW) make him a
great candidate for the practice of Hijama.

Nabil’s background in the medical field and his strive to learn more about Hijama makes for a
substantial motivation. His knowledge and experience make him one of the best Hijama
practitioners and Raqis in his area of operation.

Contact: +44 7933 955400

We specialise in the treatment of ruqyah therapy.  Our organisation is a organisation regulating ruqyah and hijama practioners in Britian and Ireland.  We specialise in the field of hijama and ruqyah therapy.