Allah is the curer
Allah is the curer
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Iman Zamzam
Associate Hijama Practitioner

A gifted Hijama therapist with over 7 years of experience, devoted to healing through the Holy
Quran and the Sunnah of prophet Mohammad (SAW). Iman Zamzam has an extensive
background in the medical field, having worked as a physician’s assistant for over 10 years
before shifting her focus to Hijama. Her knowledge and experience in the medical field has
granted her great insight into healing and excellent motivation for her pursuit of Hijama.
Iman Zamzam is a focused and professional Hijama practitioner that strives to make her skills
beneficial to all those whom she treats. She is a pillar of the Hijama community and Prophetic
Medicine is proud to have her as our representative in North America, offering courses as well
as Hijama treatment for patients all across the United States.
Contact: 001 (480) 295-0954

We specialise in the treatment of ruqyah therapy.  Our organisation is a organisation regulating ruqyah and hijama practioners in Britian and Ireland.  We specialise in the field of hijama and ruqyah therapy.